Home Design The incredibly creative Stephanie Dahlström and her successful start-up Architerior Galleryshop

The incredibly creative Stephanie Dahlström and her successful start-up Architerior Galleryshop


Stephanie Dahlström & Architerior Galleryshop Are Making Art More Personal

Architerior Galleryshop is making the choice of art even more personal by focusing on the backgrounds of the artists, their personal thoughts about each artwork, and the possibility to keep following their artistic story on social media.

Artworks by Gabrielle Aquadro, Ella Rennéus, Mads Maj-Sälzer and
Irwin Chan.



Artworks by Riccardo Zanutto, Matilde Espírito Santo and Laura


Architerior Galleryshop was founded in 2016 by Stephanie Dahlström. She handpicked a group of instagramming photographers to join the website and share their thoughts about their photos. With creators from all over the world, Architerior Galleryshop has become a portal for young creativity. The fact that they are all upcoming and dedicated photographers with different passions made it interesting to spread their photographic experiences. “That’s what it’s all about”, says Stephanie. “Art isn’t just images, it’s stories about people and their passion for creating. That’s the story we want to share.”

Artworks by Gabrielle Aquadro, Ella Rennéus and Stephanie Dahlström.


Founder Stephanie Dahlström. Artworks by Gabrielle Aquadro, Stephanie
Dahlström and Irwin Chan.


“Teatro” by Mads Maj-Sälzer


Stephanie has a clear goal: offering meaningful contemporary art at affordable prices while supporting creative artists. Stephanie has been blogging and instagramming under the name Architerior for years, and it was in that way she realised the need for making artists and their work more approachable by using social media. The artists in Architerior Galleryshop are all enthusiastic instagrammers, which creates a unique opportunity for them to connect with their supporters. People who buy art in Architerior Galleryshop love the fact that they can continue the art journey through Instagram. It s exciting to be able to follow the creator on hikes though the Alps, skyscraper photoshoots in Hong Kong, boat taxi trips in Venice, drawing sessions in the studio or architecture tours in Portugal. It creates a strong bond with the bought artwork and offers a great foundation to potentially start collecting artworks by that particular photographer or artist. Architerior Galleryshop offers open edition prints, limited edition prints, plexi glass photographs and recently also original drawings.

“Train Journey With the Ferrovia Retica” by Laura Gabriel


“We are constantly evolving and search for new creative artists who we believe have a story worth telling”, says Stephanie Dahlström.

Stephanie has a BA in Art Theory and has worked in the art world for years gaining many experiences, such as being an appraiser at Stockholm Auction House, as well as as art fair coordinator at Affordable Art Fair Stockholm. Previous experiences also include jobs at contemporary art galleries in Stockholm and Munich.

“Purple Collisions” by Gabrielle Aquadro

“In order to find your personal art taste you simply need to approach art. Listen to yourself and never think of what other people say. You know you’ve found an artwork you really like if you keep wanting to have another look at it. The art you select for your home should reflect you and your mind, and that can be done by choosing an artwork that has a certain shape, colour or pattern that you enjoy looking at”, says Stephanie. “I often encounter people that think they have to be able to say something grand about an artwork in order to prove that it is a good artwork. According to me, that’s not the case. If you see an image that gives you a great feeling and you can’t explain why, that’s really intriguing too! I personally love minimalistic architecture motifs and when I encountered likeminded people on Instagram that shared that passion, I connected with them. Later on in 2016 Architerior Galleryshop was founded.”

“Mirrors” by Laura Gabriel


The emerging field of architectural photography as art was the main focus of Architerior Galleryshop when it launched. The steady interest of architecture aficionados across social media brought up the idea to put architecture on the walls of contemporary homes. With architects and photographers passionate about lines, shapes and light, visitors have been intrigued by the minimalistic and abstract artworks Architerior Galleryshop presents. “I try to always look beyond the obvious”, says South African Galleryshop artist Gabrielle Aquadro, and to her that means capturing moments that abstract well known structures. By removing context and highlighting the unusual colours in the facades she finds that buildings take on a more dream-like state, a reality within a reality.

“Batman” by Irwin Chan


“With its patterns, lines and geometry, architecture has its own beauty”, another Galleryshop photographer, Mads Maj-Sälzer, explains. His minimalistic photographs intend to be an abstract representation of architecture. Mads leaves out any trace of the urban context in order to make the viewer focus exclusively on the architecture of the building itself. Carefully choosing a perspective and geometrically correcting composition is what makes a photo interesting and it offers a lot of space for the viewer’s own imagination. Big cities are often associated with overwhelming impressions, lots of turmoil and a hectic lifestyle. Mads wants to show that urban places can be displayed as a calm and relaxing environment as well.

“Towering Above” by Irwin Chan


Even though Architerior Galleryshop is filled with exciting architecture motifs it also holds beautiful nature motifs, urban lifestyle shots and original art drawings, all of which are available for purchase in Architerior Galleryshop.


“My friends really sparked my photography, and I am a strong believer in community building and socialising in the field of art & design”, says Hong Kong based Galleryshop photographer Irwin Chan. “Photography is something you cannot learn, but something that can be developed through seeing the world and sharing it with likeminded individuals. I am continusously inspired by the photos taken from hobbyist photographers around the world, and being engaged in conversation with them has allowed me to learn and develop new skills, especially architecture and fine art photography.”

Nature photographer Laura Gabriel says that she thinks it’s the best thing when people tell her that they get a desire for mountains or nature when they look at her pictures. It’s a great feeling to be able to inspire someone and introduce them to something you yourself are passionate about.

“Through social media as well as art we look to find something that inspires us and takes us to new worlds that we can connect with. That is why the two work so well together. I’m not only using social media as a marketing tool, but as a true bridge between the artworks, artists and buyers”, Stephanie explains. “It’s about falling in love with an artwork, and we believe anyone should be able to do that, regardless of their art budget.”

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