Home Gossip Justin Bieber Reacts Aggressively and Punches a Fan

Justin Bieber Reacts Aggressively and Punches a Fan


This is not the best time of his life, after having split with Selena Gomez, 
Justin Bieber has gone through a series of unfortunate events.

Canadian singer has damaged his leg during a football match with friends and when
 he was leaving the field in the car, a fan violated privacy.
While trying to get into the car to leave, a man approaches and asks to
 take a picture with him. The stranger took out his handset from his pocket
 and was trying to shoot a picture when the singer got hot and threw them out
 of his hand.  

 As the cellphone flies and falls to the ground, Bieber cried out, "Get away from me, get away from here." Of course, those around the circle recorded this moment not so pleasant and then distributed it online.


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